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Sitting down to study and review your school topics without is not the best learning approach when it comes to children. Keep reading this post by The Tutoring Center, San Jose CA, and find out how children can learn more proactively.

Associate All Concepts With an Idea

When lessons and certain notions have ambiguous or difficult meanings, children tend to have a hard time trying to grasp and understanding. This hurdle can be dismissed if they incorporate and define these complex concepts in their own words. This also works when they link images, memories, and emotions, to what they are studying.

Clear Any Doubts on Time

When reading a full text, the child will probably have some questions. Don't let them read on while ignoring those doubts. Although the child can go back and read again, going back and forth on the text can lead to a waste of time. So, let them spend some time asking questions that might come up.

Rely on Metaphors

If your children are struggling with difficult topics, encourage them to create metaphors to help them understand the topics. For example, if they are reading about brain neurons, use the same concept but applied to human anatomy or parts of a computer, or something they feel comfortable with. Creating metaphors to link new information with things they already know, new topics will be easier for them to grasp.

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