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Going back to school after the winter break takes a lot of discipline since children struggle when going back to a sterner routine. These suggestions by The Tutoring Center, San José, will help mitigate the complications of this transition. Keep scrolling and take notes!

Prioritize School

Before going back to school, it is vital to develop a plan that informs the children of their priorities. School is the first one without neglecting their hobbies, recreational interests, and sports activities. Also, this daily routine needs to be settled and agreed upon between parents and children.

Plan Study Hours

Dedicating more hours to the subjects in which the child has more difficulties is the first step to improve their grades on time. Have an appropriate and private place in the house that encourages them to study without distractions.

Get Involved!

Children value your commitment. Don't neglect the importance of the comfort and encouragement that comes from a family. When parents are involved in their children's lives, they tend to outperform their peers; they grow up and become confident, self-sufficient professionals thanks to their family's involvement and guidance. Also, ensure the school has a climate and teaching style appropriate to your children's needs.


During the last days of the winter break, make them sleep and wake up at the same hour they did before the holidays so they can get used to this schedule once again. A few days before returning to school, children begin to readjust to school hours; by falling asleep and waking up earlier to gradually getting used to their old routine.

If your children fall behind at school, they might need to work harder to keep up with their peers. Ease this struggle by incorporating tutoring in San José to complement their learning experience. Call The Tutoring Center, San Jose, CA, at (925) 872-9931 and book your free diagnostic assessment!


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