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Adults already know the benefits that art can provide for children, but it's also important to know how to boost their interest in various types of artistic expression. Keep reading and find out how to awaken your child's artistic interests during confinement, or their free time!

Leave Material to Draw or Paint Nearby

Depending on the age of the children of the house, you can leave material for them to draw or paint, such as colored pencils, markers, paper, or even watercolors, and brushes for older boys and girls. They will feel more compelled to express themselves through this medium and eventually, increase their creativity and motivation.

Keep Them Moving!

The majority of children love to dance and listen to music. Attending a dance class during this time is NOT advisable but, if you wish to keep your children active at home, you could play some videos on YouTube with the choreography to their favorite songs to entertain them and strengthen their muscles while they try to learn it. They will be feeling more relaxed and at ease with themselves afterward.

Let Them Put on a Show or Play in the Living Room!

Theater is a great way for them to express their emotions and creativity; and it's a great way to spend time if you have more than one child at home. From a young age, children can act in simple plays and they will appreciate your attention. Plus, theater allows them to boost their creativity and work in coordination with others.

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