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It's important to shed light on special needs education since most of the time, these aren't necessarily associated with learning difficulties, they can also occur because the students seize information and learn too quickly; the latter happens to be the case of child prodigies. However, if this isn't your scenario, keep reading to learn some tips that can help learning challenges during a lockdown.

Learning Challenges Are More Common than You'd Expect

When talking about pedagogy, the concept of diversity is inherent to this term, packed with multiple characteristics and abilities that allow the individual improvement of each student. However, no student is identical and learning difficulties are a part of a diverse group of hurdles when gaining knowledge, using mathematical reasoning, reading comprehension, and speaking challenges.

Bouncing from Feelings to Education Is the Way to Go

In the current lockdown situation, emotional bonds are the key to staying motivated and open to acquire knowledge. Thus, spaces that provide a healthy dialogue and emotional management must be provided.

Succeed During Quarantine

Although the situation is more complex than usual, you should try to keep up the routine as normal as possible. It's critical to promote independence at home, creating a “classroom” concept where the hours of the day are divided into various artistic, musical, expressive, recreational, reflective, and academic activities. With flexible scheduling, it's possible to work on many lessons and school concepts. Just keep in mind the things your children want and have to learn and improve. Also, this is the perfect time to reinforce the topics they might be struggling with, so don't be modest and give them another study session!

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