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Let Them Know Your Appreciation of Education and Work Ethic

Instill in young people an appreciation for the value of hard work and the pride that comes from a job well done is pivotal to raise a useful member of society. A great work ethic is build up when they're young, whether it's getting A on a Chemistry test or stocking the shelves at a local grocery store. A recurring complaint from employers and managers is that many young people find it “degrading” and at times insulting to start small and work their way up. But teenagers need to hear that all work, no matter how amateur, benefits society in some way and deserves their best effort. A diligent work ethic coupled with the right skills will make your teen an attractive applicant when the time to enter the job market comes.

Build Good Homework and Study Habits

Children who face the toughest changes from elementary school to high school tend to believe that basic intelligence is unchangeable: you are either born smart or dumb. Success or failure is considered to be anything but predestined, not a product of hard work. For teenagers who see their time at school as nurturing, things are easier, even if they have little self-confidence issues. They are more prone to be critical thinkers and defy the people who cause them the most trouble.

Consider Buying a Computer

A computer has become an indispensable tool in society and a necessary presence both at school and in the workplace. As young people get older, they play fewer computer games and switch to learning technology and word processors. If you can't afford a computer, schools and public libraries almost always have systems available to use at no cost but know it's important to start saving enough money to get one for your children during the years of high school as their workload will continue to grow.

After School Tutoring in San Jose

Get your child ahead of their class for the upcoming school year by enrolling them in tutoring sessions. The academic programs offered at  The Tutoring Center, San Jose CA might as well be what your child needs. To learn more about these, give their learning center a call at (925) 872-9931.


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